Sitemap - 2023 - The L&D Dispatch

Engagement for its own sake is a trap

Blend it like Beckham

'Content is king' (and other meaningless phrases)

Every L&D team performs better than your own

Airline safety briefings suck. Maybe that's okay.

How might we make this worse?

Why is Barbenheimer so popular?

What is the purpose of sustainability training?

Be lazy. Automate everything.

Your AI learning designer is a 'Yes-man', don't listen to him

The many faces of the modern learning professional

Positioning your L&D team for success

You're a social scientist (even if you don't feel like one)

Building connections in a distributed team

Six L&D 'hot takes' - which is the hottest?

Is it fun?

The one question every learning designer should ask

Like AI, L&D has an alignment problem

Boss advice for learning designers

The one instructional tool you couldn't avoid at Learning Technologies

We created a ChatGPT app and it's incredible

There is such a thing as 'too much' feedback

No learning intervention should ever 'fail'

Don't tell me what to feel! Show me.

Focus, group! We need your help

All those distractions at work? I can't get enough of them.

There are no boring topics, just boring learning designers

User research? If it's 20 glasses of wine, I'm in!

Let's pretend we're going to evaluate your project

Local Sentiment Survey

'The Game' offers a masterclass in experience design - but does it get the lesson wrong?

What I learned from a week on TikTok

What gets measured gets spun

ChatGPT says it won't steal my job - that's a relief!

Who starts a newsletter in 2023?!